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Boboshanti & Nyahbinghi Mansions Denounced Claims of Sizzla Kolonji’s Presidential Election

sizzla presidentDuring an interview with Winford Williams on the popular CVM TV show ‘On Stage’, Miguel ‘Sizzla Kalonji’ Collins announced that he was elected President of the Ancient Council of the Nyahbinghi House. Shortly thereafter, (On October 21, 2012) Kalonji’s shakeperson Lynford Junior Negus informed listeners of Irie FM’s Running Africa program that the inauguration had taken place by the mansions of Ras Tafari including the Twelve Tribes of Israel, the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress (Boboshanti), and the Theocray Reign Ivine Order of the Nyahbinghi.

Several members of the Rastafari movement are outraged of these statements and a world wide controvercy has been born.

Before we fry the breathren, it is beneficial to consider his position.  Being a famous international icon and a well known Rastafarian certainly comes with pressures.  During visits throughtout Africa, hectres of land have been offered to the star for the purpose of repatriation.  What does the brother do in this case?  Unrealistic expectations have been placed on Kolonji perhaps because of his close relationship with the Rastafari Mansions and his known generousity.  He is burning to deliver.  The question however is how should he go about it or better yet how is he permitted to go about partaking in the Rastafari Movement?

Regardless of Kolonji’s approach, the rules and regulations of the Rastafari Mansions must be adhered to – without exceptions.

Honorable Empress Esther Leading Empress and Ambassador of the EABIC (Boboshanti) and Priest Iyah V Co-Chair & member of the Ancient Council of the Nyahbinghi House addressed the matter on Black Truth Radio.

Dispite Ras Iyah V’s disagreement with the proclamation, he gave credit to Kolonji for the work he has done within the Rastafari Movement.  He remarked  “Oberserving all the reggae artist, Sizzla has done more than any of these individuals than I can identify.”

A press release was published by The Theocray Reign Ivine Order of Nyahbinghi in this regards.

Read the Press Release From the House of Nyahbinghi