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Snoop Lion – Controversy in Rastafari?

snoopPreviously known by his stage name Snoop Doggy Dogg, Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. vistied Jamaica in February of 2012 and changed his stage name to Snoop Lion.  The rapper, producer, actor, and singer claimed he had a spiritual awakening during a visit to the Nyabinghi house.

Following what he called his reincarnation, the artist has been scurtinized by many who doubt his sincerity. Bunny Wailer and members of the Rastafari Millenium Council accused him of being a “fake rasta”. There have been talks about suing Snoop for “inappropriate use” of Rastafari image. Some also claim that Snoop failed to honor “contractual, moral and verbal commitments”.

The news is upsetting to say the least. Whatever happened to “When mother and father forsake you, Rastafari will take you”?  When did Rastas begin taking people to Babylon court for distorting the Rastafari image?  Do we have any idea how many people are attesting to be Rastas yet swimming in corruption?

The idea of Snoop being a threat is absolutely absurd. Snoops intentions to monetize his journey in Rastafari may be a business dicision – expected from an experienced successful entertainer/business man. If he did infact break contractual agreements, that should be addressed accordingly.  The relationship between a man and the Most High cannot be validated by others.  Let Fari be his judge.  Time reveals all things.

Regardless of Snoops intention, the influencial artist may very well inspire a few to sight up Rastafari.  After all, some of us were inspired by rasta artists who later surprised us with inappropriate conduct yet the Rases are not disowning those. Ouch.